Wrestlemania 31 Review: Suplex City, Bitch

  As Roman Reigns made his way through a sea of humanity arguably the most hated guy on the card something struck me about Wrestlemania. The shear size of it. The congregation of pilgrims who come together for one night, for one show. For one moment. Many have said that the name Wrestlemania is more […]

The Potential WrestleMania 31 Card

  So after WWE Fastlane, what’s the WrestleMania 31 card looking like? Well for starters, we know that there’s at least two confirmed matches: Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar Triple H vs Sting Based on recent booking, we’ve also got the potential for the following matches: John Cena vs Ruzev Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton […]

WWE Fastlane Review

    Fastlane. A few shining moments floating in a sea of mediocrity and questionable booking. I would describe WWE Fastlane as squandered potential. The crowd were probably the worst part of the show and they made the show seem a lot worse than it probably was. It was pretty bad at times but the […]

The Top 10 WWE Wrestlers

Who would you rank as the best overall wrestlers in the WWE? We’re talking technical skills here, not necessarily who are the best overall stars. One of our SquaredCircle users, Vaderbomb, recently gave his own rankings on our forums. Do you agree with how they stack up? The Top 10 WWE Wrestlers 1.) Daniel Bryan […]

A Complete List of Big Show’s Heel and Face Turns

On the most recent episode of Smackdown, Big Show decked Kane, prompting speculation that he is about to make a face turn. Of course, it’s been well-documented that Big Show and Kane have each made numerous heel and face turns over the years, with seemingly ever-increasing frequency. With help from Reddit and Wikipedia, one of […]