Should WWE Consider a Match Between Daniel Bryan and The Rock at WrestleMania?

A WrestleMania match between The Rock and Daniel Bryan would make sense and would placate some of the angry Bryan fans. Image:


By now, we’ve all heard the rumors that the WWE is planning on having Daniel Bryan compete against someone like Sheamus or Dolph Ziggler at WrestleMania 31, if he’s not inserted into the main event in another triple threat.

But obviously, there are some problems with these matches. Bryan, being arguably the most over face in the company, deserves to be involved in the biggest show of the year in a larger capacity. A match against Ziggler, while a potential showstealer, wouldn’t really have much of a story behind it and would be relegated to the bottom of the card. A match against Sheamus would be boring, a repeat of an older WrestleMania match (albeit one that lasted 18 seconds) and, again, relegated to the bottom of the card.

So here’s an idea: rather than having Bryan flounder in a match like that, is there any chance the WWE gets him involved with The Rock?

It’d be pretty easy to set up. Have Rocky help Roman Reigns pick up the victory at Fastlane, and you’ve got a tailor-made WrestleMania match that gives Bryan a whole lot more spotlight than he’d have otherwise.

The issue is here that you’re likely going to have to turn both Rock and Reigns heel, and I don’t think WWE is particularly willing to do that with either guy… especially Reigns, who they seem absolutely dead set on turning into the next face of the company.

It could work brilliantly though, if planned out right. Rock vs Bryan would be a new match. Rock works well as a heel and Bryan is over enough as face to get fans to stay on his side. It would be something big for Bryan to show the fans that the company still thinks highly of him, without getting him involved in the title picture. And at this point,  putting him in the title picture would be almost bad form, as it would be a repeat of last year’s story and would seem really disingenuous.

There could possibly be a way for Rock to turn heel without Reigns turning heel, but it would take some really smart booking. He could be the guy trying to support his young cousin by trying to get involved in his shit, but Reigns gets pissed off at him because he wants to do it on his own. Again, it might be a bit of a complex storyline, but it could be done and it would be awesome if done well.

Anyway, it’s just an idea, but it’s an idea that would certainly give Daniel Bryan some more of the spotlight he deserves at WrestleMania while beefing up a card that, to this point, looks rather weak for your typical WrestleMania.


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