A Complete List of Big Show’s Heel and Face Turns

On the most recent episode of Smackdown, Big Show decked Kane, prompting speculation that he is about to make a face turn. Of course, it’s been well-documented that Big Show and Kane have each made numerous heel and face turns over the years, with seemingly ever-increasing frequency.

With help from Reddit and Wikipedia, one of our users compiled a full list of Big Show’s heel and face turns. If Smackdown’s confrontation truly leads to another, it would be his 34th turn. Unbelievable.


(The Waterboy)
1. Captain Insano turns heel by insulting his biggest fan, Adam Sandler.

2. By mid-’96 The Giant is suddenly a tweener, or a face. Who the hell knows. One week he was feuding with the Horsemen, the next week he was facing Sting.
3. He was a face against a heel Hogan in their World title match.
4. Giant turns heel and joins the nWo weeks after losing the World title to Hogan. August of ’96.
5. Four months later Giant is kicked out of the nWo. Face turn.
6. Giant joins nWo Hollywood, thus turning heel in ’98.
7. January ’99. The week after the Fingerpoke of Doom. Giant is kicked out of the nWo again.

8. February ’99, Paul Wight jumps ship and debuts as a heel by interfering in Austin/McMahon cage match.
9. A little after a month later he turns face by knocking out McMahon.
10. 4 months later he turns heel by tagging up with Undertaker.
11. 2 months & a couple weeks later Big Show turns face when Albert and Big Boss Man do the FATHER IS DEAD storyline.
12. 3 months later Big Show turns heel when Rock refuses Big Show’s help against the New Age Outlaws, which pisses off Show and causes him to attack Rock.
13. 3 months later (Right after WrestleMania 2000) he turns face when he starts impersonating wrestlers.
14. Big Show turns heel by Chokeslamming Shane McMahon after Shane was recruiting guys to join WCW.
15. Three months later Big Show turns face when he aligns himself with Billy Gunn to form the Show Gunns tag team.
16. Big show turns on Steve Austin to join the nWo. April 2002.

17. Big Show returns from injury as a face in 2004.
18. Show and Kane attack Batista during the Raw vs Smackdown feud, injuring him.
19. Show starts feuding with Triple H in early 2006, presumably going back to babyface.
20. Big Show is drafted to the new ECW and turns heel at One Night Stand 2006.

21. Big Show returns at No Way Out 2008 as a face.
22. Immediately after that, he attacks Rey Mysterio and turns heel.
23. Shortly after that, he becomes a face for the Floyd Mayweather feud.
24. Five months later (Unforgiven 2008) he turns heel by saving Vickie Guerrero from Undertaker.
25. Big Show beats Jericho (captain of Team Smackdown) to earn a spot on Team Raw. Face turn. 2009.
26. Weeks later, Team Smackdown beat Team Raw at Bragging Rights due to Big Show turning on Team Raw.
27. April 2010: Big Show punches out Miz and turns face.
28. The Big Show was drafted to the Smackdown brand (he turned face and made pals with SmackDown general manager Theodore Long)

29. May 21, 2012: Big Show returns as a heel due to receiving John Laurinaitis’ “Ironclad Contract” after Laurinaitis had previously fired him, and knocks out John Cena
30. March 9, 2013: (face turn) Big Show helped Randy Orton and Sheamus against the Shield.
31: At WrestleMania 29, Big Show, Sheamus, and Randy Orton lost to the Shield when Orton was pinned after stealing a hot tag from Big Show. After the match, a frustrated Big Show knocked out Orton and Sheamus for repeatedly refusing to tag him in the match.
32: August 12, 2013 (face turn) Big Show returns from some time off to help Mark Henry and RVD fend off a Shield attack.
33: Show turns heel once again at Survivor Series 2014 by knocking out John Cena.

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