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NFL Predictions pre-training camp edition

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NFL Predictions pre-training camp edition

Postby The Legend » Jul 24, '18, 4:56 pm

So with Training camps around the NFL about to pick up, I thought it'd be fun to put out some predictions for how the year is going to go. I'll go first.

AFC EAST: This is still the Patriots division, but I do feel like New England is losing ground and there's light at the end of the tunnel for the other three teams as a breakup of the dynasty seems imminent. I think the Pats (11-5) slip a little in the record, and even will have to play through the wild card round this year. The big faller will be the Bills (7-9), going from Tyrod Taylor to McCarron/Peterman/Allen is a definite step backwards at the most important position in sports. The big riser in the division should be the Jets (7-9), I love what they are doing right now and should approach a winning record in 2018.

AFC NORTH: Pittsburgh (13-3) should have a stranglehold on the division this year as Cleveland is finally trending uphill after tearing the team to shreds the last two seasons, but have a long way to go and with Josh Gordon's renewed unreliability they should have an incomplete receiving corps again. Baltimore and Cincy are both entering re-build mode as well. The big riser will be the Browns (4-12), while the big faller will be the Ravens (7-9)

AFC SOUTH: No division is more intriguing as this one. Jacksonville is a real threat to make the Super Bowl and figuring out where the rest of the teams fall in line is a total mystery. I think all four of these teams win more games than they did last season. The Jaguars (12-4) should win the division and get a first round bye, meanwhile, I think Mariota takes the next step and the Titans (10-6) get a wildcard. The big question is how quickly can Deshaun Watson get back to full strength if at all. The Texans (6-10) should be better than last year, but so many injury risks makes them hard to buy. Ditto for Colts (5-11), who are a mess even if Andrew Luck bounces back.

AFC WEST: This is the division of extreme mediocrity, and then the Broncos. I think the Raiders (9-7) bounce back with Gruden at the helm for one big glory season before leaving for Las Vegas - I think this team will have the spirit to go strong this year. The Raiders will also be the big riser of the division, meanwhile, the Chiefs will learn quickly how to regret giving up on what you have when Patrick Mahomes starts turning the ball over and Kansas City (8-8) loses their formula for winning. The Chiefs will lose out on the wild card race to the Chargers (8-8) in the final week of the season.

AFC Playoffs: Steelers top the Patriots to advance to the Super Bowl.

NFC EAST: I think the Eagles suffer a bit of a Super Bowl hangover, they lost a fair bit of talent off of that balanced team, add in that Carson Wentz won't likely be 100% for a good portion of the season and I think Philly (9-7) slips a bit. And I think Dallas (10-6) bounces back and wins the division with a lot less drama surrounding the team this season. Washington (5-11) will be the big faller in the division, finding out that life without Kirk Cousins isn't actually better.

NFC NORTH: I'm fully on board with the Vikings this season, the lessons they learned from last season and in the playoffs should carry them far. Plus, the upgrade at QB will only help them. Minnesota (14-2) will take the best record in the NFL this season. Green Bay (11-5) will rebound with a healthy Aaron Rodgers and take the top wild card spot behind the Vikings. The Lions (10-6) should be in the playoff race all season, while Chicago (7-9) starts moving in the right direction with Mitch Trubisky leading the team.

NFC SOUTH: Repeat champions are rare for this division, but I think the Saints (12-4) have this one in the bag. Carolina (10-6) should also make the playoffs with Cam Newton having a strong season and the coaching staff finally figuring out the best ways to use the weapons they have on hand. Atlanta (9-7) will be just a beat off the pace, while Tampa (3-13) completely falls apart en route to the re-build.

NFC WEST: The Niners (8-8) will be the big risers of the division, but finish comfortably behind the loaded Rams (11-5) in the division race and miss the playoffs. The door has officially closed on the Seahawks (7-9), who will be the big fallers in the division this year. Arizona (7-9) will continue to just kind of exist.

NFC Playoffs: Vikings top the Rams to advance to and win the Super Bowl.

TOP 5 Draft teams:

1. NY Giants
2. Buccaneers
3. Broncos
4. Browns
5. Dolphins

NFL MVP: Drew Brees
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Re: NFL Predictions pre-training camp edition

Postby DBSoT » Jul 25, '18, 12:36 pm

AFC East:
Patriots - The gap is closing a bit, but Brady and Belichick still run this show.
NYJ - They showed good promise last season and should continue to trend up.
Buffalo - I keep thinking Buffalo is going to put it together and then they draft a QB that doesn't fit their personnel. I like Allen as a long term prospect, but he is a big armed QB with developing accuracy that is throwing to mostly slot receivers. He is going to have to be very accurate to be successful.
Miami - One of these teams has to be at the bottom, but NY, Buffalo and Miami are very interchangeable.

AFC West:
Los Angeles - This is Rivers' last hope to finally take the step forward to division champs and make a run in playoffs. The Chargers are Raiders are the only teams with proven QBs, but LA has the most established defense.
Denver - I like Denver to be a poorman's version of last years' Vikings. Complete with Case Keenum at QB.
Oakland - I like the Raiders' personnel, but the Gruden factor should scare their fans. He was a good coach back in the day, but it has been many years. Also he pretty much rejects all analytics,which is dangerous in today's game.
Kansas City - Until Mahomes shows something, I will be very skeptical.

AFC North
Pittsburgh - If they lose this division, it will be a monumental failure. Their goal should be Superbowl.
Baltimore - Flacco looks to be on his last legs, but at least their defense looks good.
Cincy - They have talent, but no direction.
Cleveland - Mayfield has a good WR core to work with. I could see the Browns getting to 6+ wins.

AFC South
Jacksonville - This is the 2nd most complete team in the NFL. It is Superbowl or bust.
Houston - I am taking a chance that Watson comes back healthy, but I really like this teams chances.
Tennessee - Mariota can keep this team a float.
Indy - Even a healthy Luck is saving this team from a top 10 pick.

NFC East
Philly - The champs are on top until proven otherwise.
Dallas - Right pieces to make a run, but I just can't fully get behind Prescott. Getting rid of Dez doesn't help either.
NYG - I see a rebound year for the Giants. Adding Barkley to a fairly talented offense could be great, if the O-line players better.
Washington - It could take more then a few games for Alex Smith to get a connection with his WRs.

NFC West
Los Angeles - 3rd most complete team in the league. Superbowl or bust.
San Francisco - Garrapolo could be a star and take this team to a wild card spot. I also like some of their draft picks the last couple years.
Seattle - This team looks to be taking a major drop off, but I am giving them some small leeway. At least because they still have Wilson and Carroll.
Arizona - They could be relying on a rookie QB and an aging team. Needs time to rebuild.

NFC North
Minnesota - This is the most complete team in football. Anything less than the Superbowl is a failure.
Detroit - The only thing keeping the Lions from the playoff last season was a running game. They now have one of the most complete O-lines in football and a lot of good potential backs. Blount and Johnson being the biggest potential contributors. The Lions also have the best WR core in the division. D-Line will be their biggest issue.
Green Bay - Outside of Rodgers, I really don't get the hype with the Packers. Graham certainly helps, but a limiting run game and average to below average defense really hurts. Wilkerson will help the pass rush, but their secondary is going to be very young. Rodgers could carry them to 7-8 wins, maybe.
Chicago - A lot of young talent on this team. Trubisky has star potential, Roquan Smith has the pedigree to be the next Von Miller and Allen Robinson is a great target. However, they are still young and could be 2-3 years away from the top of the division.

NFC South
Atlanta - This is a really hard division to pick, outside of Tampa Bay. So, this is mostly me guessing.
New Orleans - See above
Carolina - See above
Tampa Bay - Jameis Loses-ton, am I right?
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