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Book Evolution

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Book Evolution

Postby The Legend » Jul 24, '18, 11:26 am

So it became official last night, the first ever all women's PPV in WWE is happening at the end of October and called Evolution. I thought it might be fun if we all had a stab at booking the card.

Mae Young Classic Finals
Taynara Conti vs Kaitlynn

They already announced that the finals of the Mae Young Classic would happen at Evolution so this match is already in the cards, now the question is who will make it to the finals? That can be hard to predict without even knowing the field or the bracket, but I’ll go with this matchup for now. Conti is an upcoming star which the tournament likes to promote and Kaitlynn gives some name recognition and star power that will help the show. Conti gets the win. This one will be the pre-show match.

Tag Match
#IIconics vs Trish Stratus and Lita

The main PPV opens with The #IIconics in the middle of the ring with microphones. They cut a promo about how the WWE needed them to come around to make the women’s division something fans wanted to see and make this show happen. They announce that they are much better than any of the women that came before them. Lita’s music hits and she comes out and criticizes what the IIconics are saying, she says if the IIconics think they are so good, she brought a friend along to test them. Trish’s music hits. Trish and Lita start hot, the IIconics get some offense in thanks to some interference and then Trish and Lita hit their finishing moves and pin the IIconics.

NXT Women’s Championship
Kairi Sane vs Candice LeRae

So for this one, Kairi Sane takes the belt off Baszler at the next Takeover and LeRae wins a match for the right to face Sane. The two have a good, basic match with Sane holding onto the belt.

Steel Cage Match
Ronda Rousey vs Shayna Baszler
Rousey’s booking isn’t working. They are playing off things like the suspensions to allow her to work one of their crap part-time schedules, but something’s got to give. I’d have Baszler immediately after dropping the belt to Sane show up on RAW. She confronts Ronda backstage and mentions how much she’s accomplished, even becoming champion, while Rousey’s just a loser. The two go back and forth at it and eventually they announce a match that’s some cross between a cage match and the Ken Shamrock Lion’s Den match. Allow both of them to work a more MMA style that I think would get them over as some unique competitors. Either one of them could walk away the winner and look good. I’d probably go with Baszler, but WWE would no doubt go with Rousey.

#1 Contender’s 25-woman Battle Royale
Charlotte Flair wins

This is a match that gets more people on the card, they talked on RAW about having 50 women on the card, which I don’t know how you do that without something like this. Charlotte wins and gets the chance to face the SD Women’s Champion at Survivor Series.

Fatal Fourway Tag Match
Alexa Bliss/Mickie James vs Liv Morgan/Sarah Logan w/ Ruby Riott vs Mandy Rose/Sonya DeVille vs The Bellas

A women’s tag division would be disastrous, but there are a few pairings that work well together and here’s a match where they can determine who the best team is for bragging rights. Alexa will drop the belt to Ember Moon before the show to free her up to team with Mickie, the rest are self-explanatory. The Riott Squad pick up the victory.

RAW Women’s Championship
Ember Moon ( c ) vs Nikki Cross

Ember Moon wins the belt off Alexa at the September PPV, Nikki debuts in September and goes after Moon to re-kindle their rivalry right off the bat. (BTW, until trying to draw up this card I didn’t fully comprehend how trash the RAW Women’s Division really is, it’s Alexa, Sasha and Bayley, then a bunch of women that have no right being champion).

No Holds Barred
Sasha Banks vs Bayley

The feud that won’t start, let alone end, finally comes to its conclusion. Banks and Bayley fight it out in a battle that goes everywhere and does everything. Banks comes out on top with a full heel turn.

SD Women’s Championship
Asuka ( c ) vs Becky Lynch

Asuka needs saving badly, she takes the belt off of Carmella at the next opportunity and then Becky wins a tournament to face her at Evolution, finally getting her chance in the spotlight. It’s a great match with Becky almost winning a few times, but Asuka retains to continue her reign.
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