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England win the World Cup!

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England win the World Cup!

Postby AkydefGoldberg » Jul 16, '19, 5:00 am

The men's cricket team, that is. Not the football side which reached the semi-finals last year.

But the match on Sunday, was on terrestrial TV, but amazed a few of my colleagues at work hadn't sat down to watch it but it was the GREATEST match ever. A drawn innings from both teams, a Super Over, the drama all the way through.

I feel for New Zealand, and their captain Kane Williamson, who was brave in batting first and then coming so close (retrospectively had the umpires not missed an error with the 6 runs overthrows they gave to England) in defending the total and losing on the smallest of margins.

Also, they're a good bunch of lads (no-one taking the sole glory like some of the 2005 Ashes gang did) with representation from communities where participation in the game is less so that's wonderful.
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