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How to create this?

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How to create this?

Postby AkydefGoldberg » Jan 11, '18, 3:45 am

In my line of work, I capture plenty of video and audio but it's a struggle with the latter to be innovative without uploading a blank audio file that people listen to.

Over the last year or so, I've seen many organisations create audio files which are then presented with an image with a sound equaliser playing, similiar to this?

I've got an iMac with the basic software it comes with but how do I create this, and specifically, what is this type of material, called? Otherwise, I end up confusing myself and others about what I want to do lol.

Only way I've thought of doing it is via iMovie:
Upload an image, put audio behind it and that's it
But I'd like to add the sound bars and add some graphics also - but how to do it?
I would appreciate any guides/walkthroughs that may help in this task.

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