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Islamophobia Inc

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Islamophobia Inc

Postby AkydefGoldberg » May 25, '18, 6:34 pm

This documentary by Al Jazeera was incredibly frightening and saddening to watch, to see American Muslims on the receiving end of unjustifiable violence and then to be accused of the attacks being fake or the President, whose campaign helped in the rise of attacks against Muslims, keeping his gob shut whilst this happens under his watch.

The media seem very happy to fester these despicable individuals on their networks without - I think - any real counterbalance or authentic Muslim voices to show the other side.

In the UK, we have concerns of Islamophobia but I'm glad I don't have to worry about my family or friends as much as say, in some States featured in this documentary (seemed to be Southern states but growing anti-Muslim sentiment seems to be spreading) and the easily availability of guns would make it frightening even more.

Have so much solidarity and sympathy for American Muslims :(
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