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Anybody watch ALL IN?

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Anybody watch ALL IN?

Postby KaiserGlider » Sep 02, '18, 9:41 pm

Reviews have been great. I caught some of the more memorable moments like Jay Lethal busting out the old Black Machismo gimmick and Chris Jericho's return. It's great to see NJPW, ROH, and Impact stars coming together and putting on a show that was so successful and had such production values.
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Re: Anybody watch ALL IN?

Postby Hanley! » Sep 03, '18, 4:04 pm

I watched it. I thought it was a good show. Weirdly, while there is a segment of WWE fans who have been negative on this show since long before it actually aired just because it was organised by 'the enemy', this was very much a WWE-style show. There were a lot of legend appearances, gimmicks, and comedy. The main difference was that it was actually fun and they actually gave the fans what they wanted. Everybody there was so happy, and that made everything on the show better.

The women's match was a lot of fun. The NWA world's championship match was so great in terms of the presentation and the emotion. It felt like a serious NWA championship main event from back in the 80s. I wish more promotions presented their titles like this. The Joey Janela vs Hangman Page match was insane. It's a small miracle that nobody got hurt. Penelope Ford was probably the star of that match for me; I've never seen her before but her spots were all great.

Okada vs Scurll and Omega vs Pentagon were both really good matches - Omega and Okada came off as the biggest wrestlers in the world on this show. It's a pity that some of the matches on the show went long and the six man main event was cut short as a result, because it seemed like that would have been the best match on the card otherwise. There was just an unreasonable amount of talent in that match.

After a month of the G1, this show didn't live up to those standards in terms of match quality. It didn't really have that great match that would have put it over the top. But it was a lot of fun, and I hope we see another one of these shows soon.
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